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this site is using custom theme file by Neko-Gumi for WordPress and was tested only on some of browsers, firefox and safari (both on mac osx). however, i do check how it looks on other browser at each milestone so if your browser did not display this blog clearly, or some layouts became corrupted, those issue ‘maybe’ and ‘hopefully’ will fix in near future…

firefox for mac is the first priority. this browser is my main development platform… but do not forget, always use the latest version. i do not care older versions.

mac safari is the second priority because i use mac everyday and use safari for browsing, entry-ing, and so on. safari for windows? i don’t care.

here’s new comer google’s chrome browser. i do test on this browser but the priority is low. this is nice and fast browser so some users switched from other browsers, but this is not integrated with common operation systems. that’s the point, no offense.

does anyone please tell me the best, good reason to keep using this old, legacy, incompatible browser? ok, i do only check on ie9 (this is better than old one).

my policy is ‘always using latest version’ so if yours were not the latest one and had issue to display my blog, no need to worry. perhaps that is legacy, ancient mystery or something we should not know.

Recent Entries

午後からエージェントとあれやこれやとミーティング。雨降らないといいんだけれど(天気予報では大丈夫そう)。 なんでもそうなんだけれど、仕事をやる場合、一番面倒だけれど避けて通れない、しかも必ず始める前に必要なのがギャラの話 [...]


11月からのプロジェクト、最終的にギャラの折り合いがついたとエージェントから連絡があった。つ〜ことで11月から忙しくなる予定。エージェントとは明日ミーティングして、その他の部分の調整等々。 ペーパーワークとか諸々の手続き [...]


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iOS 5…

あれこれインストールしたiOS 5、まぁサードパーティアプリケーションもそこそこ対応も進んでいる訳で、それなりに使えているんだけれど…。例のCKがノロノロになってしまってるのが残念なところ(まぁすぐに対応版が出るだろうけ [...]