this is backyarder’s main view. if you started writing your mutters, those will show up at right side of your site, just like normal weblog, nothing special but it is ‘date’ based.

at left side, you can see recent ‘other’ backyarder’s entries. how does it work? the system will do everything what you need so you do not have to think about it. all entries have link to individual entry so it is easy to jump for commenting.

this image is individual view of each entry. the contents of entry will be displayed on right side, and recent entries of ‘yours’ will be displayed at right side. it is the same as normal weblog so we do not need to describe more, do we?

the main point of backyarders view is;

a) you can select how it looks at left side (such as title only, excerpt, or entire contents) but you cannot select who. you (and off of backyarders) will see recent entry at left side on the same time.

b) there’s only few options for view customization so if you click to other backyarder’s entry, it (maybe) looks like your one. you do not need to click around to find ‘something’ anymore.

c) this is not open system. all of backyarders are someone’s friend (or so), this means no spam, no hard entries, but good opinions for you. just like huge family.