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not ordinary

on your top page, you will find other backyarders' recent entries at left side of it so you will never miss what your pals entries.

is ordinary

however, at right side, it is very ordinary blog looking with built in rss reader.


date view has full month calendar type of view and displays your entries' title and recent image of the day if there is. it' good lookin' calendar!

hidden sidebar

clicking tiny rectangle at header area will be opened messy sidebar thing, ha, are you really need this?


backyarders are closed communication muttering weblog better than twitter. it is based on wordpress's cms system so you can write as normal blog. however, its top page of each site displays all members recent entries. there's no way to select followers, this means all of our members will follow you and you will follow all of them.

what's new

registration had been started
home site, renewed
we are now beta
tons of things to do – today’s talk
what is ‘backyarders’


if you want to join backyarders, please use this button to apply application, administrators will response you within 48 hours.